Brewed Opinion Alert!

While exploring this blog, you will often fall upon these gems called “Brewed Opinion Alert!” followed by a subject or topic of my choice for one reason only: a rant. Since this is the very first post with such a name, I felt strongly that I needed to express the difference between this type of post and all of my other ones.

These “Brewed Opinion Alert!” posts will be purely opinion based on my interpretation of particular facts and or fiction and should no way be taken for more than that. My other posts are all well-researched topics or subjects that I have many years of personal experience in. Now that we have gotten past the formalities, I’ll be happy to announce my first opinion is currently brewing and will be ready to serve shortly.

Yours truly,

Nut Meg


Just a small bit of business to attend…

Well, guys, this is my very first post here on Brewed Opinions. I’m feeling obligated by my conscience to let everyone know what type of content or material they may stumble upon here. First, a small background…

I will probably not reveal my real name any time soon, primarily because I live in an area where everyone knows everyone and there is lots of tea that could be spilled. I’m a small town barista working in the big city so that particular pun is very close to my heart. I see and hear ridiculous this all day long, which is the prime thriving environment for people watchers, me in this situation.

A lot of my opinions and stories may be considered off-color or controversial, bitter, pessimistic, raunchy, dark and maybe cynical too. I could care less about how you feel, as they are my opinions -you can close the website- but I’ve learned recently that a lot of people find them relatable and even funny. This is the part where I tell you why I started this blog… to share my thoughts with others who can relate to anything I share on this site.

Glad we got that part over with. Feels good to clear the air BEFORE you offend anyone, right? Catch the real first blog soon.