Climate Change Is Roasting Your Beans


Did you know the coffee industry is worth over $10 billion USD? Coffee is the largest traded item around the world other than oil. Over 90 percent of the land that coffee growers use to farm green beans in Latin America will probably suffer from climate change. Rain patterns and higher temperatures are just two factors that could hinder the growth of our favorite beverage on the planet.

High-quality beans are grown in specific regions along the coffee belt. If the growth of high-quality product becomes difficult, the consumers will pay in rising prices. Some coffee growing countries are testing eco-friendly growing solutions to combat the change in temperatures. If these tests become a reality, we could see coffee being produced in countries like Russia or North America.

No Coffee

I thought that today I’d share my morning experience with you. It started when I woke up way too early for a day of cold and bitter weather. My morning routine is generally the same, even on my days off. I start the day by feeding my dog and taking her outside for a quick walk. After making sure she is all set and settled in, the search begins. What do I want to wear today? Deciding on a sweatshirt and jeans, my favorite outfit of all times, I put everything in a nice folded pile and took them to the bathroom, so I could shower and get dressed. 

By this time, my brain has begun to wake up and starting to cry for coffee. A slight throbbing behind my eyes slowly grows and migrates to the back of my head. I need that caffeine now or someone is going to die today. I used to think it was crazy how my life depended upon the first sip of a freshly brewed cup of bean water until I became a barista. People will threaten your life, your family, your future children or whatever comes to mind if you don’t get that first cup of coffee ready just the way they like.

So, it’s still really early at this point and the only coffee shop around that is opened is a Dunkin. I’m not typically a fan of the coffee they serve, but at 5am, I’d take whatever I can get to help with my tribal drum ritual that is now starting to overtake my humanity. I drive up to the line- yes, there was already a line. I waited my turn patiently while trying to figure out how to translate my order into the simplest of terms as to avoid having to repeat myself at the window. My turn had come to order, so I ordered an iced coffee (even though its twenty degrees outside) with cream and sugar. Very simple.

It took another maybe ten minutes to get to the window because the truckload of minors needed to order one of every bagel to be toasted and cut into fours. I paid, took my credit card and receipt and waited about another minute before the person who I just paid leaned out and said, “Yeah, we ran out of regular coffee just now and we actually won’t be getting more until later this afternoon. We have decaf, would you like that instead?”

Decaf? Did I just hear that right? My brain was thumping so loud at this point, I thought I just hallucinated or fell back into a deep sleep for a moment and dreamed this nightmare. I thought she was kidding. I laughed, but she didn’t laugh. I didn’t know how to comprehend this. It was 5am and you are out of coffee for the whole rest of the day? Isn’t this your one and only job? Serving the coffee.

I allowed her to refund my money and I drove off cursing under my breath like a sixteen-year-old girl PMSing, just mad at the world for existing. There was literally no other place opened at this hour except for a Cumberland Farms a few more minutes up the road. They had coffee, and I loved every minute of that brown mud. So, here I am writing this blog post- among other obviously important things, drinking my cold gas station coffee.

Seemingly lifeless,