Global Warming: Save the sea ice!

We have all heard about the rise in sea levels while the Arctic ice melts away. The global temperature keeps rising which keeps melting the cold caps that populate our poles. Yes, ice melts naturally in the world but we are experiencing the melting of glaciers at an alarming rate. It seems the biggest concern that mainstream media focuses on is the rising level of the coastal waters. While that is a very big problem, there is an even bigger one. 

The albedo effect is a concept in which light reflects off of white surfaces. Take the light of the moon and how the suns reflections are bouncing off its surface to light up our night sky for example. The same thing happens with the ice. Somewhere around the eighty percent range is how much of the suns energy is reflected back into space. This simple act of reflection helps to keep the planet cool and from overheating. 

Can we stop the melting before our ice is gone, our oceans dry up, and we become as barren as Mars?