The Sun, The Solar System, and Heliophysics


We study many things on our planet and in our solar system, but there is one branch of science that studies the Sun. These scientists study what effects the Sun has on the Solar System. Some disciplines studied under the umbrella of heliophysics are heliospheric physics, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics. 

Most effects that we study are caused by the emissions of protons during solar activity. Atmospheres and magnetic fields show how much the protons can influence the planets and stars around the Sun during emission blasts. 

A Parker Spiral is the term used to define the rotation of charged particles that move outwards from the Sun and towards possible unsuspecting targets. Learning and understanding the effects of the Sun on other planets and matter in space could help scientists on Earth counteract negative emissions in the future. We could even see this type of science entering into the climate change wars with enough evidence to back up speculation on the Sun’s energy that demands a constant attack on Earth.

Have you recently discovered any disciplines of study that you didn’t know existed? We would love to hear what they are so we may better explore some of these unknown areas sciences for all of our readers.